Shorty Awards Trophy

Shorty Awards Trophy
Find your entry on our site ( and provide the direct link

Late fee applies after June, 2023.

Limited quantity available. Available for Shorty Award WINNERS ONY.

Customized Matte Black Zinc. Only Winners are eligible for this product. Only Winners are eligible for this product; if you received a Gold, Silver, Bronze, Audience Honor, or Finalist distinction, you are eligible to purchase plaques (Single / Pack of 3).

Please take note of the following customization options:

Title of Awarded Category
Title of entry being awarded (if applicable)
Award recipient(s)*
*recipients could be company name(s), individual team members, or departments within an organization

Please allow 8-10 weeks for shipping. 

No refunds will be issued once the trophies/plaques are engraved. Ineligible orders will be cancelled and refunded except for the 2.9% processing fees.